10 budget-friendly ideas to add personality to new Calgary doors and windows

Curb appeal starts with your front door – and you can do it all on a budget.

By JJ O’Connell, Owner, AtwoZ Windows and Doors, Calgary

Congratulations on installation of your new doors in your Calgary and area home. When all is said and done, it looks fantastic and you’re proud of your update.

But wait.

Now that you look around, you’re left with a feeling that something’s missing. Chances are, the front step, siding or stucco, landscaping and lighting need some sprucing up to show off your new investment.

Here are 10 quick and affordable ways you can add panache and personality to your front porch and be the envy of your neighbourhood.

Use the door as your design inspiration: The front door is one of the first things people notice and the last thing to look at when they depart. Before you invest in your new doors and windows, the AtwoZ Windows and Doors team in Calgary can help you determine the best colour, texture, special touches and style that matches your current look–matching your siding, lighting and landscaping. Believe it or not, it truly does make a difference.

1. Pressure-Wash Your Siding – Most homes in Calgary and area are covered in vinyl siding, which can get dirty with grime, mold, mildew and webs regularly. If you’re ready for new siding, discuss your options with our team at AtwoZ. We provide siding, veneer, fascia, soffits and eaves installation services as well.

2. If you have existing windows, give them a quality cleaning – We’ve provided some excellent steps to making them sparkle, inside and out.

3. Spruce up your trim – Give it a good coat of paint in a new colour to match your new windows, doors, shutters, hardware and if replaced, new siding, stucco or roofing. (AtwoZ Windows and Doors offers these and more additional services for whole-home updates). This goes for the interior as well. Maybe your walls need a fresh coat as well!

4. Add new blinds and coverings that fit the size, style and decor – New windows can create an inspiration in every room, plus they can help add privacy and style. We are a proud partner with Hunter Douglas Canada, which offers an online guide to the latest colour and design trends  as well as product recommendations.

5. If you’ve installed high-performance Low E Glass solutions, you’ll may notice a tint on the outside – This is a chance to update colours of siding, awnings, shutters, lighting, decorations. (AtwoZ Windows and Doors offers Sungate 400 and Solarban 60 windows in Calgary). These windows do a great job of reducing head loss in winter and helps keep the cool in during hot summer heat. Depending on the colourization effect,

6. Update your house identification – Bold or custom house numbers are easy to find (a bright colour, chrome, fancy metal or backlit), and can add personality to your overall look of the front yard.

7. Update or install new lighting and fixtures at your entry, along the house or around the yard – This can bring attention to your beautiful windows and doors, as well as bring a measure of safety and security. Illuminating your walk, doorway and around your new windows with timed electric or solar-powered lighting can bring some positive reviews and add value to your property. Update your railings with a fresh coat of paint or replace them to match your new look.

8. Fancy up your front door, attached garage/driveway and walk – There are some budget-friendly ways to put the finishing touches on the front of your home after a new windows and doors install in Calgary. Purchase or make a matching wreath to fit the season, add fresh potted flowers or greens, outdoor artwork/statues, chairs/benches, pillows, vintage pieces, glassware (out of the reach of hail of course), twinkling lights, and stones. Remember that balance and symmetry are the best combination. Too much, the eye doesn’t know where to lead and it could look tacky. Too little, it could be swallowed by the space.  Create a unified look to tie all areas of your home together to match your new windows and doors.

9. Think about adding an arbour, gate, corner sitting area and fence panels – You can add more curb appeal by designing and building special touches that create a welcoming theme to your yard. There are some great pre-fab weekend project kits in matching colours and textures you can buy at your local hardware store, and you’ll be proud to show off your skills! Get the family involved to make it a group effort.

10. Build or update your walkway and steps – Create a new look leading to your new fabulous door and windows with new stones, cement, tile, blocks or bricks, or give a new look to old cement with a cement-grade paint. Add more personality to your wooden porch/landing with special touches like lattice, ironwork and textured wood.

Looking for ideas on how to enhance your yard after your new installation of windows and doors in Calgary and area? Call the team at AtwoZ Windows and Doors at 403-257-DOOR (3667) or email [email protected].

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