Signs your Calgary roof needs replacement

Your roof is the crown of your home, keeping you safe, warm, secure and stable. While we don’t pay much attention during nice weather, a roof always keeps us thinking about integrity when storms hit.

One of the most expensive home repairs is installing a new roof–it’s a long term investment for sure. So how you do determine if your home needs a new roof or roof repair? It can can be confusing but the mystery can be solved with sage advice from A two Z Windows & Doors Calgary. We specialize not only in entries and windows, we also provide exterior solutions such as full roof replacement, siding, stucco, soffits, fascia and eaves, as well as interior renovation services.

There are several determining factors which can guide homeowners. Consulting with a roofing contractor can also help you determine if your roof needs to be repaired or replaced. Fortunately, the team at A two Z Windows & Doors Calgary there are new types of GAF asphalt roof shingles which last about 30 years (if you take care of them to maintain your warranty):

We take for granted that roof tiles will last…but the truth is, with drastic temperatures and crazy Chinook weather in Calgary and area, most asphalt shingled roofs only last about 15-20 years. If you have an older home you wish to live in for life, or you want to sell with gusto, a new roof replacement may seem steep. Fortunately, you will receive 70 per cent of your investment back in the eventual sale. Not a bad return compared to other improvements you can do in your home. In fact, an old roof will turn away potential buyers or get you a lower price.

Number of Roof Layers
If your roof is leaking and already has several layers, you might need a completely new roof. Roofers refer to this as a “complete tear-off.” All the layers are torn off and new wood roof framing is installed. New shingles are then installed. City codes are usually very strict regarding the amount of roof layers permitted. In most areas, the maximum number of layers is three. Check with a local roofer who will be most familiar with the roofing codes in your area.

A dead giveaway. It may be the shingles are out of date, or the flashing is compromised. Either way, you need to find answers to prevent water from getting inside your walls and creating problems of mold and mildew.

Other Signs That an Older Calgary Roof Might Need Replacement

Post Hail Storm, Granules Everywhere
You may notice granules on your decking, furniture, sidewalk or gutters after a heavy Calgary storm. That’s a good indicator that your roof shingles are flaking off and coming to the end of the usefulness. If you see darker spots on some parts and the colour is worn away, that’s an other sign to consider replacement as the protective granules have worn away.

Missing, Curled or Torn Shingles
Torn, damaged or missing shingles are often a sign of other roof problems. Peeling shingles could be caused by poor roof ventilation. Poor roof ventilation results in warm air escaping through the roof. The warm air can lead to moisture under the shingles and cause them to peel. Mold growth or black spots are also a sign of a moisture problem. Before considering a new roof, make sure that you have enough intake and outtake roof and attic vents.

Condition of Interior Walls
The condition of the interior walls that touch the roof can give many clues about what is going on up on top of the roof. If you notice a significant loss of paint and heavy moisture marks on your walls (and ceilings), then there could be some serious leaks originating on the roof. If you have safe access to your atticFree Web Content, climb up and check for evidence of moisture.

Valleys, Corners and Peaks
Roof design is no longer simple two-sided affairs. Today, there are complex architectural aspects that require tiles to fit around valleys (where water runs between two roofing elements joining), corners (like around your chimney) and peaks that require flashing and good sealing. If this is compromised, leaking will happen into your attic and walls. You may notice that some of the tiles or flash is missing from your roof, which is an indicator that your roof needs repair or replacement.

Extreme Weather Conditions
Tornadoes (famous for flying through North Calgary and Airdrie every summer), wind and hail storms can all cause roof and shingle damage that may require extensive repair. Structural damage to the roof cannot always be seen even by an inspector. The professionals at A two Z Windows & Doors have the experience in repairing and replacing weather damaged roofs. We can help determine if you need a new roof and how to proceed with choosing the right tiles and any damaged or outdated systems such as soffits, fascia, eaves and downspouts.

Faulty Design
If your roof is less than 15 years old and suffering from major issues, it could be that it was improperly built and the shingles were not installed correctly. There is also a chance the developer chose faulty materials and you didn’t know it. Many roofs come with warranties for the materials used and some even cover the labour. Check your information with your real estate package, which may indicate lifetime or limited warranty. Also, if you need to get answers to your questions, contact the former roofing company who installed your roof.

THE GOOD NEWS: You may be eligible for replacement through a warranty or insurance claim, and that means you have the right to choose the roofing company that you trust, not based on the opinion or contractual agreement by your insurance company. That puts the power of choice in your hands. 

Unsure if you need a repair or full replacement your Calgary roof? The A two Z Windows & Doors team offers free consultation estimates,  and we can reveal what is happening ‘under the hood’ so you can feel confident in your next move.

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