Insurance Advice: The freedom to choose your Calgary roof, siding installer

As a home owner, you are keenly aware of the potential for storms to create damage to your castle. The relief comes knowing that insurance companies will usually process your claim relatively quickly within days and appoint one of their pre-approved contractors to carry out the work.

But what if you have a trusted contractor that you want to do the work instead?

Good news. Insurance policy holders (aka, you), have the freedom to choose whomever you want to repair or replace your damaged areas of your home (interior or exterior), according to the guidelines of coverage by the insurance company.

Most insurance companies already have pre-determined relationships with companies that have been screened and potentially give a rate that is attractive to insurance brokers. Whatever the reason, you may feel bound to going with whatever company they choose. However, if you want to suggest your own contractor whom you trust, you have the right to make that choice–and your agent is obliged to follow through on that consideration.

There are some caveats though: You need to ensure that your contractor, such as A two Z Windows & Doors Calgary, is approved through the requirements such a Renomark, Better Business Bureau, and the Alberta Construction Safety Association, etc. They would also have to be licensed and covered by insurance and WCB. All these aspects are deciding factors that determine if your contract is approved.

In the case of a storm, there is typically a bit of a waiting time once you make your claim call, especially since there are other homeowners are also doing the same thing. Get your call in early, however, so that you get into the queue. If you choose their contractor, the insurance company will arrange a visit by your contractor to start the repairs or replacement. They will visit your space to inspect the damage and create a draft cost for replacement, which they will forward to the insurance company’s claims department. Once approved, your agent will get in touch with you to arrange a visit to your home to inspect the damage.

If you choose A two Z Windows & Doors as your own contractor, all you have to do is notify your insurance company’s claims department with information about your preferred provider. The agents will review your contractor’s information and good standing. You should also determine what kind of warranty coverage comes with installation as well as the products they will use. A two Z Windows & Doors also chooses supplier partners that have easy-to-process warranties available for a limited time or a lifetime (as long as you own your property).

The beauty of having your trusted contractor doing the work is that you have already established a great relationship based on trust. They know you, you know them, and they have already proven their worth. Your insurance company may not know them by reputation, but you can certainly voice your preference, which gives you a great sense of power in your own coverage.

Ready to get started on your insurance claim for Calgary siding, roofing, windows and interior projects? We’ll help you through the process. Call A two Z at 403-257-DOOR (3667) or email us.









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