Choosing the right Calgary doors for your home

Buying new doors for your Calgary home takes some research.

There are many reasons why people invest in new doors for their home.

The most obvious is that they have truly come to the end of their life span. It may be lacking the ability to close properly, causing a security issue, or no longer keeps out winter’s cold or heat of summer.

You may also have built a new addition or renovated the outside of your home, or you’ve had a break-in, or there has been misuse. Perhaps you want to add a touch of personality, or you simply require your Calgary doors to function in a different way.

Whatever your reason, it is important when buying a new front door that you plan properly. The experts at A two Z Windows & Doors Calgary can walk you through the steps from choosing a style, type and colour, to measuring and preparing for installation.

Whether its a front entry, side door, garage man door, or sliding or garden doors, there are certain things you need to know before you start shopping:

  1. Choose a reputable dealer. Companies like Calgary’s A two Z Windows & Doors have select partner suppliers such as our high quality local producer Alberta Vinyl Windows & Doors JELD-WEN Canada as well as Masonite.
  2. Choose a door manufacturer that has a reliable and easy-to-process warranty. A two Z Windows & Doors Calgary guarantees satisfaction not only in the products we recommend, but also in our labour and installation. Check out our warranty coverage for your Calgary doors and windows here.
  3. Consider function. If there is a member in your household that uses a wheelchair or you have stroller traffic or kids in tow., your there is a raised threshold, our team will make sure you get the perfect door that doesn’t compromise entry stepping safety. We also look at the type of space you have once you walk through the door such as a narrow hallway, closet doors, staircases, benches, etc. It is important to discuss these aspects with t77he A two Z Windows & Doors team before you invest.
  4. Consider the materials that work with your weather. Types of materials that are perfectly suited for Alberta winters include steel and fiberglass. They are the most reliable, tough as nails, and can keep out the cold air with proper sealing. Wood doors are not recommended for the key reason that the harsh weather conditions can easily compromise the quality and durability. With the cold and moist air that occurs regularly with snow and Chinook winds, warping and mold can occur.
  5. Consider the look and feel. You can choose doors with regular panels, windows, wood-style textures and colours that match your front step decor and complement your new Calgary windows as well.  If you choose to add decorative textured glass to your new door, our supplier partners ensure the doors demonstrate high performance with impact-resistant and Low-E glass to lower energy costs and protect from Calgary’s strong sun in the summer.
  6. Think about blinds. If you are replacing a front, side, patio or garden door, you have some great choices for custom blinds or effects. Choose inset blinds between the window panes, or select custom blinds from our many catalogues from our fashionable supplier, Hunter Douglas Canada. They can also provide security from prowlers, as well as control light and sun damage to interior furniture or flooring.
  7. Consider the costs. Replacing doors can be considered expensive at first, and fortunately, A two Z Windows & Doors offers pricing that is below the average price you find from other competitors. That gives you peace of mind knowing that you are paying for quality without the high markup.
  8. Configurations Matter. Exterior doors require a certain configuration to enhance your entry. You can choose a single door or double door (as space allows), side windows that create a wider, brighter look and give light into your foyer. The A two Z Windows & Doors installation experts will go over other considerations, such as inswing, outswing and egress direction. This will help determine the style of door you can purchase. Most Calgary doors are ‘inswing’, but you can choose swing-out if it works with your door frame and surrounding space.
  9. Consider your door handles and security. Door hardware has to look good as well as give a great degree of safety for you and your family. We can make some great recommendations that will complement your new look and give you the peace of mind you are looking for.

Measuring for your doors:

The next step after choosing your door style is measuring for accuracy.  Although most people could accurately measure the door themselves, it is better to have the doorway professionally surveyed to ensure there are no errors. Once you have the correct measurements, our team can walk you through the rest of the process easily and quickly.

Have more questions about how to care for your Calgary windows and doors? Call the team at A two Z Windows and Doors at 403-257-DOOR (3667) or email [email protected].





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