Maintaining your new Calgary doors

Congratulations on your new A two Z Windows & Doors installation. Vinyl, wood and metal doors are great insulators from Alberta’s drastic temperatures, wind, storms and dusty conditions. Your replacement looks great, and you can rest assured they will keep a bright impression for years to come.

To keep your new doors looking prim and clean, take a closer look within the inset design, seal and frame for subtle traces of dirt and grime left by mother nature. This ensures you retain the quality finish and integrity of the material. The team at A two Z has some helpful tips on keeping your doors working and cleaned properly to maintain your warranty requirements.

If you have any warranty issues when you are cleaning, you can easily identify your new door by finding a small label on the upper edge.

Cleaning Exterior Doors

Fibreglass, Aluminum or Solid Wood Doors

  • Place an old towel or sheet at the bottom of the door (assuming it opens inside your entryway) to catch any water.
  • Check the integrity of the weather stripping inside the door frame. If it’s torn, shrunken or missing, replace this to keep the door in good working order and reduce heat loss. It doesn’t cost much, and it will make a difference.
  • Use the soft bristle brush to get rid of any debris, webs, bugs and dirt. Use the vacuum to take away any larger bits of debris or stuck-on mud. Wipe it clean with a soft sponge and soapy water.
  • With a wet soapy sponge (not dripping), clean the door frame. Then wash the exterior front of the door from top to bottom. Rinse the sponge regularly.
  • Use the wet, wrung chamois to wipe the door to catch excess water.
  • For glass accents in your exterior door, spray with homemade or store-bought cleaner. Spray generously, and then use the squeegee and cloth to wipe the blade.
  • Any stains or grease, use mineral spirits or multipurpose spray.
  • Wood doors are a showy masterpiece when taken care of regularly. Murphy’s Oil Soap is ideal for cleaning wood exposed to Calgary weather. It cleans and polishes wood streak-free. It will also act as a protectant. You can also use a soft sponge, a bucket of warm water and mild dish detergent – just a squirt. If you just have wood accents, use the soap to polish and protect, and if clear lacquer is required, sand down, tape around the area and apply at least two coats.
  • Don’t forget to clean and scrub the kick plate.
  • Brass or other metal fixtures may need a brightening. Invest in a brass or steel polish/cleaner.
  • For squeaky doors, find the source, slightly lift or remove the pin, and apply an aerosol lubricating oil (such as WD-40). You can also use wire wool or sandpaper to clean the hinge pin or rub a bar of soap or petroleum jelly along the pin to reduce friction. Replace the pin and test for sounds and wipe up excess lubricant.
  • Regularly sweep and scrub out your door and entryway to prevent dirt and debris buildup. It makes a good impression too!
  • Spruce up your front step with fresh and bright accents. Read our friendly tips on how to add colour and value to your entry door. <<link to the blog>>

Patio Door Mechanism Care

  • It is recommended to lubricate any sliding door tracks and rollers. Do this once a year, preferably before winter.
  • Use a vacuum with a narrow hose attachment to clean dirt and debris from the tracks of the sliding patio doors.
  • Inspect the weatherstripping to make sure there are no cracks or fraying.
  • If you need to make adjust the height of the door rollers for clearance height, use a screwdriver to access hole at the bottom of your patio door.

Condensation Tips

You may see condensation between the inside layers of glass. This can occur if humidity levels inside the house or room are higher than outside. There are some easy steps you can take to eliminate the effect:

  • A ceiling fan in the room or area to circulate air and if there is a kitchen, bath or pool room nearby, use an exhaust fan regularly.
  • Inspect the seals and the openings of the window.
  • Check the humidity level on your furnace. You may need to turn it down depending on the weather.
  • Alternatively, you can plug in a portable dehumidifier or open a window to reduce some of the moisture in a select space.

If you have had windows installed as well as a new exterior door from A two Z Windows & Doors Calgary, learn how to wash your windows, frames and screens in our informational blog here.



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