A two Z Windows & Doors Calgary Soffit, Fascia and Eaves FAQs

Will I need to replace my soffit, fascia or eaves if I get my roof replaced?

Not necessarily, but if your soffit and fascia are damaged or compromised in certain spots, it is a good idea. Also, your eaves troughs and downspouts may be the same age as your old roof, and may need upgrading due to wear and tear. The professional team at A two Z Windows and Doors also specializes in exteriors such as roof replacement, siding and stucco. We’ve been replacing roofs for years and our team works with you to choose the right materials and colors that match your current situation. Cal us for details a 403-257-DOOR (3667).

What exactly do all these components do for my roof and house?

The soffit on your home’s exterior wraps around under the roof joints to allowing proper ventilation for your roof and attic.

Fascia is much like a trim, which horizontally caps the end of the rafters or gable ends (vertical face board). It can also add a nice finished look to your home’s exterior.  It also matches your siding which creates a unified design.  Our experienced staff can assist you in choosing a colour scheme that works with your current exterior colours and design.

As we are working on your roof replacement, the A two Z Windows & Doors exterior services team can identify if there are any issues related to the original installation of your soffit, fascia and eaves. We’ll make honest and trusted recommendations to promote quality ventilation from the soffit area so your home is maintained for years to come. Click here and submit a free estimate request today or to to schedule an appointment with our A two Z experts.

What's the best time of year to get it put on my house?

Spring to Fall are best, where the temperature doesn’t fluctuate. If there is inclement weather, the A two Z Windows & Doors exterior service team will reschedule to ensure your roof and gables are not compromised.

What if I have a heritage home?

For older homes, the exterior experts at A two Z Windows & Doors will respect the age and dignity of your home, providing choices that will complement your overall design while maintaining the integrity of your property.

Can I get them in a custom colour?

A two Z Windows & Doors (which also specializes in exterior services like siding, soffit/fascia/eaves, stucco and general renovations inside and out), can assist you in finding the perfect match for the rest of your home’s exterior, as well as your new windows and doors, awnings, shutters and siding. We can work with you to ensure you are happy with the colour once installed.

Can I paint soffit, fascia and eaves if I want to change the colour down the road?

It is not recommended to paint aluminum or steel components, simply because the finish that already exists is extremely weather and wear proof.  Consult the team experts at A two Z Windows & Doors Calgary will provide you with recommendations to changing the colour of your soffit, fascia and eaves–which may involve replacement.

How do I clean the soffit, fascia and eaves?

Cleaning and caring for your soffit, fascia and eaves can be easy and quick. We’ve got an informational section for maintaining them here.

Do you need to replace any of the wood behind the soffit, fascia or eaves?

It depends on the integrity of the wood underneath or behind the components. If there is rotting, water or insect/rodent damage, rotten, then our A two Z exterior experts will show you where it is happening, discuss with you the options and replace with solid wood where needed.

What is your warranty coverage for soffit, fascia and eaves in Calgary and area?

Our standard warranty is two years for labour and materials. Please discuss the details with our team at A two Z Windows & Doors Calgary to ensure you have all your concerns answered regarding coverage.

What if I need my siding or stucco repaired after a soffit, fascia or eaves install/replacement?

We can call in our team members who specialize in siding and stucco repair to shore up any issues. No worries. We’ve got you covered!

Can I have any decorative touches done?

It depends on the ‘decorative’ touch you are talking about. Since most of the components are light in weight (usually aluminum), it is not recommended you hang any items heavier than Christmas lights on your eaves. Chat with us about what you imagine and we’ll do our best to make it happen or come up with appropriate alternatives.

What is the jargon for soffit, fascia and eaves so I can learn what it all means?

We’ve found a great resource here to review a few definitions:

If you have more questions, please ask and we’ll give you all the details so you feel confident when you are talking with the experts at A two Z Windows & Doors Calgary. Call us at 403-257-DOOR (3667) anytime or email us at [email protected]

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