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What exactly is stucco?

Stucco is a smooth blend of fine cement used to create an exterior insulation and finish. Some people call it plaster, but that word is actually the verb, referring to the action of applying a finish to a flat surface. It has a clean appearance, great durability, and is easy to care for. Plus, it can last more than 50 years.

How durable is it?

There are houses in Calgary and area that have had stucco lasting over 100 years, however, there is never a guarantee on how long a stucco coat on your home will last. The average is about 50 years with regular care and maintenance. It’s pretty durable, resisting abrasion and can take whatever Mother Nature throws at it, under average circumstances.

What's the best time of year to get it put on my house?

SPring and summer are best, where the temperature is not too cold at night (can slow down curing and can freeze the water mixed in with the cement), or too hot in the daytime (too much heat will rush the drying process). Best temps are at around 15° to 29° Celcius. Overcast days are ideal as well, since direct sun can also contribute to the issue of the layers applied shrinking too quickly.

How thick is stucco on a house?

That’s a good question to ask!  In the province of Alberta, a typical home or condo stucco job will involve applying up to three layers over a wood stud, then a metal lathe system with plywood on top, but that depends on the construct of the home. According to City of Calgary (1997) building code, here are the details of the thickness of stucco:

9.28.6. Stucco Application Number of Coast and Total Thickness

1) Stucco shall be applied with at least 2 base coats and one finish coat, providing a total thickness of less than 15mm, measured from the face of the lath or the face of the masonry where no lath is used. Finish Coat

2) The thickness of the finish coat shall be not less than 3mm. Alternative Method

1) Stucco shall be applied in at least 2 coats to provide a total thickness of not less than 19mm measured from the face of the sheathing paper to the face of the second coat where lath is used.

2) The second coat shall be continuous across the entire surface of the coat and be without gaps of voids.

Can I get it in a custom colour?

The final layer of your Calgary stucco from A two Z Windows & Doors (which also specializes in exterior services like siding, soffit/fascia/eaves and general renovations inside and out),  can be coloured consistently to match the rest of your home, as well as your new windows and doors, awnings, shutters and siding. We can work with you to ensure you are happy with the colour once it dries by doing a test.

Can I paint stucco if I want to change the colour down the road?

Absolutely, but you’ll have to use a special cement-friendly paint, as oil-based paints will clog the air-breathing pores of stucco. If you paint over it with a thick coat of paint, it will result in mold and rot in behind the stucco and could damage your exterior finish as well as your interior walls. The expert team at A two Z Windows & Doors Calgary will provide you with recommendations to ensure you are using the right materials to preserve the beauty and integrity of your stucco for years to come.

Can I clean stucco myself?

Yes you can! Since stucco is basically concrete, you have to remember that is very porous–it breathes in a way, as the temperatures rise and fall and rain or snow penetrates the outer layer. We’ve got an informational section for maintaining your stucco here.

What do I do if there are cracks?

Although stucco has a great reputation for being long-lasting and durable in drastic Calgary weather conditions, there are some ways that stucco can crack.

  • Excessive rain, which causes discolouration, mold, mildew and even moss to grow. This can cause eventual deterioration.
  • Settlement of your home. As the ground under your house shifts, so will the structure of your home, which could create small or large cracks in your stucco finish.
  • The most common spaces that are prone to cracking are the corners of windows or where the roof ends.To prevent cracking, or to fix cracks that have occurred on your existing Calgary stucco, you can apply a coating recommended by the expert team at A two Z Windows and Doors. We’ve also supplied a section on how to maintain your stucco to help it last for a lifetime.
What is your warranty coverage for stucco in Calgary and area?

Our standard warranty is five years for labour and materials. Please discuss the details with our team at A two Z Windows & Doors Calgary to ensure you have all your concerns answered regarding coverage.

What if I need stucco repaired after a Calgary door, window or siding install?

We can call in our team members who specialize in stucco repair to shore up any issues. No worries. We’ve got you covered!

Can I have any decorative stucco touches done?

Absolutely! If you want a special texture, or particular features such as a rosette embedded into the design of your Calgary stucco, the specially trained experts at A two Z not only have the experience, they also have great ideas! Chat with us about what you imagine and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

What is the jargon for stucco so I can learn what it all means?

We’ve found a great resource here to review a few definitions:

If you have more questions, please ask and we’ll give you all the details so you feel confident when you are talking with the experts at A two Z Windows & Doors Calgary. Call us at 403-257-DOOR (3667) anytime or email us at [email protected]

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