Natural exterior with European-inspired design.

A fresh layer of stucco can add a clean, classic touch to your home’s impression that will literally last a lifetime. The exterior service experts at A two Z Windows & Doors Calgary offers stucco application and repair to any age of home.

Regarded as one of the most natural and durable finishes, the look and feel continues to be popular due to its beautiful look and quality.

Our stucco artisans provide a variety of options for textures, colours and decorative touches, and they work with you to help create the finish of your dreams. If it’s a remodel or refinish, we include a series of services including patching, sandblasting, texture and colour matching and original effects that make your home stand out.

We also ensure that your stucco will last long, with effective blends and curing compounds that adhere to your exterior and perform dutifully against the harsh climate we experience here in Calgary and the surrounding area. We also take steps to prevent moisture intrusion with flashing that truly fit, and drainage plains that take away water quickly and easily.

Choose your Calgary stucco finish:

California Textured
California Textured
A thin, textured finish coat with a few higher areas smoothed over for a definite effect.
Smooth Fine
Smooth Fine
Classified as one of three float textures, it uses very fine sand to create a very smooth finish with a bit of grain.
Smooth Medium
Smooth Medium
Another one of three float textures, medium uses slightly gritty sand to create a less smooth finish and a more grainy look.
Smooth Definition
Smooth Definition
The most definitive of the three float textures, larger grains of sand are used to create a highly textured effect. Similar to California.

Stucco finishes defined:


A popular float stucco finish in Calgary and area, also referred to as “sand” texture. It is fine and smoother using fine grained sand.


A dash texture finish is rougher, with pronounced peaks protruding. It can be very rustic, perfect for ranch-style or Spanish architecture.


This effect has a great lace-style pattern. It can be applied in a light or heavy texture in the top coat to create a delicate finish.


This popular finish so smooth to look at by using a flat steel tool that creates a classic and clean effect.


This effect is a heavy fan-style pattern with a thick top coat.


A web-style stucco finish uses a textured base topped with a ‘web’ of smooth and thick shaped in a rectangular fashion.


A combed stucco finish is truly unique, with a thick top coat coves in a series of lines that are raised in an a particular pattern.


This particular textured look shows off random lines with ridges that are created by using the side of the trowel.

Cat Face

This stucco effect is quite different, with textured base and a pocketed top coat smoothed over it with a metal trowel.

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