Calgary Window and Door Safety Tips for Families

If you look after young children or have kids coming over regularly, window and door safety locks are a smart idea. If you’re getting new windows and doors installed into your Calgary home, make it part of your plan to learn how to operate them fully, as well as learning how to prevent little hands from getting into danger. 

Kids can figure out locks, handles, gates and safety-apparatus through your front and back door, siding patio or garage door in a quick. You’ve got to be one step ahead–anticipating their dexterity and speed.

Here are the top 10 tips to protect your children from windows, doors, gates and blind hazards in your home:

  1. Door knob covers make it difficult for kids to turn a knob and get from room to room or outside. It works by pinching the cover ends together while turning the knob. This works well with smaller children until their fine motor skills improve.
  2. Deadbolt locks are a more solid solution, but never install locks that cannot be opened from the inside in case of a fire or emergency. You can set a higher lock at the top of the door frame that pulls down for hard-to-reach protection.
  3. Most vertical and horizontal blinds have strings with pulleys. It’s best to tie the strings together in a bunch with a zip tie or elastic and hook it to the top. This prevents choking.
  4. Sensors are ideal for keeping an ear out for an opening door. They can also be placed on windows as well.
  5. The Door Monkey lock and pinch guard helps to keep little ones inside a specific area and prevents pinching of fingers from the hinges and the handle side of the door.
  6. Strong window locks can be sliding, vertical and horizontal windows. In case of fire, every family should have an emergency exit plan. Show an older child how to unlock the window locks you installed in case they have to exit safely and quickly.
  7. Make sure to have a secure series of bars across a window with a screen to prevent falls from heights. Do not place furniture near windows that can be climbed up on easily.
  8. A window wedge or Cardinal Window Guardian can also be used to prevent windows from being opened inside or out, sliding, vertical or horizontal. Can be used on vinyl or aluminum windows easily.
  9. A window or door restrictor cable is designed to prevent kids from opening a window all the way. It is attached to a window frame with screws. It also comes with a key to unlock and get out safely in case of urgency.
  10. Install safety locks for bathroom cabinets, garage or shed doors that give access to poisonous materials, such as fertilizer, anti-freeze, medicine, cleaning fluids, paints, thinner and other caustic substances.

For more child safety advice, visit the Canada Safety Council.

Contact the A two Z installation experts for some great suggestions on safety measures you can take to make sure your Calgary windows and doors are secure for your whole family. Call 403-257-DOOR (3667) or email us.

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