Understanding warranty coverage on Calgary windows and doors.

Let’s face it. No one really wants to shell out a lot of money for home improvement unless you know you’re going to get a good return. That means your new Calgary windows and doors require affordable pricing, expert installation from a certified team and maintenance warranties that are easy to process and rely on. The A two Z team makes it easy to choose, understand and trust the products and coverage you are investing in.

If you’re looking to purchase new windows and doors in your home, and need extensive coverage to ensure reliable care beyond installation, the best place to start is look into the type of coverage that comes with each brand. A two Z Windows & Doors carries only quality products by companies that have a reputation for offering easy-to-process warranties and service. That cuts down on your stress and makes you feel good about the products you purchase from A two Z.

Warranties for the products are different than warranty coverage for installation. Product warranties can run from a limited time to lifetime, which means they can cover a few years on hardware and functionality. However, they do not cover the actual installation by the A two Z team.

Installation and labour warranties typically last two to three years, depending on the product (such as doors or windows). That means the A two Z team provides coverage for any issues that need fixing that doesn’t involve the actual product itself (mechanisms, hardware, etc.). It would typically cover the surrounding space and frame built. Each installer will have a different degree of coverage depending on what is installed (namely, Calgary windows and doors). You can review A two Z’s warranty information here.

So, with that, let’s chat about the different types of product warranties for your Calgary windows and doors:

Limited Warranty

Meaning exactly as it says, a limited Calgary windows and doors warranty only covers you for as long as you live and own your home. Once you sell your property, the coverage ends and is NOT transferable to a new owner. This may be attractive in the short term planning (a sense of comfort knowing you are covered while you live there), it may not be as comforting for a new owner who is looking for greater support and peace of mind when they eventually buy your home. A limited warranty may also be for a certain length of time, say three to five years, or lifetime (meaning as long as you own the property). This is ideal if you wish to be an owner, and then perhaps a long-term landlord. Not so ideal if you wish to eventually sell. New buyers may be turned off that the limited warranty is not transferable.

Transferable Warranties

The is perhaps a more expensive option, but will definitely give you traction for selling down the road. A transferable warranty means you get all the coverage available on parts and function for  your windows and doors, and you also are able to transfer the coverage to  a new owner when it comes time to move on. This is extremely attractive to a new owner–giving them less to worry about with the new Calgary windows and doors you install, but also the peace of mind knowing that the value is extended for full-benefit coverage in their future in the home  as well.

Warranty Fine Print

Reading the details when you make your new Calgary window or door purchase is the right thing to do, so you understand the requirements of maintenance (on your end, as well as regular visits from the A two Z Windows & Doors experts). If you choose to have another company that is not certified in installation or with a certain brand, you may actually put your coverage in jeopardy–potentially voiding your warranty altogether. Don’t take the risk. Consults the A two Z team for advice and reassurance of what is required on your end, and what you can depend on from us and the manufacturer.

Have more questions about warranty coverage for your new Calgary window or door replacement? Call the team at AtwoZ Windows and Doors at 403-257-DOOR (3667) or email [email protected].

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