Woodpeckers–Protect your Calgary Siding

Protecting your Calgary siding from the Northern Flicker Woodpecker takes some work.

Remember that the species is protected under the Migratory Birds Convention Act in Alberta. If they take up residence at your place, and start pecking away at your wood siding, there are some gentle ways to help them move on.

Woodpeckers are named for a reason. They love wood siding, fascia boards and grooved plywood (often found as trim or even full coverage on your home). Thankfully they aren’t partial to vinyl or wood composition.

For homeowners who have an issue of these persistent and slightly bold visitor, there are certain times of the year to be aware of their activity.

Spring is the time for nature to birth babies, and woodpeckers will no doubt check out your wood siding to find a place to nest, store food and babies, and of course, scout out food stuck within and in between. This activity spreads into summer and autumn. Winter time, old bugs can be found in the crannies of your wood siding, which keeps them busy to satisfy their hunger through the cold.

Remember too that woodpeckers are also attracted to vinyl siding, trim, patio furniture and even doors that have a wood grain look. They can do some pretty good damage to your investment.  You’ll know that you have woodpeckers creating issues by hearing the rat-tat-tat on your house.  Here are a few things you can do to divert them away from your place:

  1. Take a light spray of your garden hose and give them a little shower. This may do the trick, but do not douse or injure them. Watch out if the birds are babies. Big no-no.
  2. Put a fake owl figure on the side of the home, in a nearby tree. The woodpecker may figure it out eventually, but its a method that does tend to work for a while.
  3. You can also hang old CDs by fishing wire to create a mirrored effect. Then you can host an 80s party to celebrate! Or you can hang Irri-Tape, which is reflective as well.
  4. A hanging windsock gives the impression of a long-winged bird.
  5. Check for infestation of insects. It may help to move them off your property.
  6. To prevent nesting, check any vents and holes, cover up with Mylar reflective tape, lightweight netting, flashing, chicken wire or mesh.
  7. Also keep an eye for holes where the woodpeckers or other birds can nest. If woodpeckers do make a home within yours, you can’t remove them until the babies leave the nest.
  8. Nix using sticky repellents, which can injure all birds and potentially leave a stain on your siding.
  9. The Northern Flicker is decent to the environment, so if you’re tolerant, they’ll manage those pesky wasps and beatles in your yard. They do like bird seed like black oil sunflower seeds, suet, seed cakes and peanuts. That may be another delicious diversion.

Still stuck for solutions? Call your local Humane Society for more advice or contact the A two Z Windows & Doors team at 403-257-DOOR (3667) or email us.

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